Rail Fastenings Systems


The Pandrol e-Clip rail clip fastening is the preferred fastening system of rail operators across the globe thanks to its versatility and track record for high performance. The ballasted, non-threaded, self-tensioning railway e-Clip system has been installed in over 50 countries across hundreds of applications – covering virtually every possible known rail section.

e-Clip explained

The popularity of our original e-Clip rail fastening means it has attracted many imitators over the decades, but none with Pandrol’s track record for success. Known previously as simply the Pandrol clip, this mature fastening system is favoured for its versatility and is widely used across global rail projects that face a range of parameters and challenges.

e-Clips are manufactured worldwide to the very highest quality at our very own manufacturing facilities. Their spring steel construction is optimised for strength and durability, and suitable for installation on wood and concrete sleepers.

The Pandrol railway e-Clip consists of two elastic rail clips, two rail shoulders, one rail pad and two rail insulators, and is manufactured to one global standard for consistency. This spring-type clip ensures permanent elastic clamping complete with creep resistance and twisting resistance, making the fastening ideal for continuously welded tracks. Tension is achieved through insertion into a lug positioned parallel to the rail foot.

  • A safe, reliable Pandrol clip, originally designed by our experts
  • Meets the requirements of every rail application and environment
  • Suitable for all market segments

Advantages of the Pandrol e-Clip


Safe and reliable

Despite continuous innovation across the industry, rail systems around the world still request the e-Clip fastening for their projects thanks to its ongoing reputation for safety and reliability. Since the original e-Clip design, we have maintained its iconic shape and function, with updates for the modern rail system that mean Pandrol’s original rail clip is as sought-after as ever.



Fit and forget about this high-performing rail clip. The e-Clip is designed to be self-tensioning, meaning you can rely on optimised results without the need for regular manual checks and adjustments of the torque. This unlocks more efficient rail system operations by reducing the need for maintenance checks.



Since its creation in the 1950s, the original e-Clip design has been adapted and added to, offering rail operators a choice of Pandrol clips to suit every application, environment and market segment. From the DRS system to the e-Clip SRS, Pandrol e-Clip can be combined with several baseplates and other elements to suit the parameters of every project.

Technical features of the e-Clip


The original patented design

e-Clip is the original Pandrol rail clip that stood the test of time. This iconic fastening system is recognised by rail operators across the globe and has an iconic reputation as durable, reliable, and easy to fit. Today’s e-Clip is an evolution of the original patented technology that first gained fame in the 1950s, and uses the signature ‘e’ shape which became the industry standard for rail clip fastenings.


Customisable elements

Tailor e-Clips to your specific rail system. Pandrol e-Clip is the chosen fastening for projects across the globe thanks to its versatility. Customers can choose the stiffness of the elastic rail pads, the type of baseplate fastening – including coach screws, angled guide plates and push-through bolts –  and corrosion protection if required for the environmental conditions of their rail system.


Optimised for a long service life

Rely on the original Pandrol clip to deliver a long service life for your rail system, with minimal need for repairs or replacements. The threadless, self-tensioning system is low-maintenance and requires little to no manual intervention throughout its lifespan, leading to it being labelled a fit-and-forget solution. The strong creep and resistance and permanent elasticity make the e-Clip ideal for continuously welded tracks.

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