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Underpinning unprecedented urban growth

Our solutions are developed to maximise efficiency of installation and operation, while ensuring safety and environmental factors such as noise and vibration are tackled.

We specialise in the design, manufacture and implementation of fastenings, welding, equipment and electrification technologies. Our focus on quality, safety and cost is why our transit clients choose us to design and manufacture new rail engineering technology. We think quickly and differently, creating unique solutions to installation and maintenance. Our clients experience increased productivity, reduced possession times and improvements to railway and worker safety.

We have developed a wide range of transit products to suit the diverse scope of requirements set by rail authorities and contractors, adapting to satisfy local environmental, and regional/global standards.

We are able to go further in meeting some very specific design considerations in terms of track structure interaction, corrosion protection, special track work, adjustment requirements and other bespoke developments that we can accommodate through dialogue with the contractor or end user.

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