Rail Fastenings Systems

Fastclip Baseplate

A fastening assembly which provides a captive Pandrol Fastclip rail fastening system mainly for ballastless track applications.

Fastclip Baseplate product overview

The baseplate offers a very large range of both vertical and lateral adjustment in a configuration where these adjustments can be made very quickly and easily and with a minimum of additional components required.

  • The Pandrol Fastclip Baseplate is designed for use on either pre-cast concrete elements, direct pour concrete construction or steel structures.
  • The system is designed for efficient installation and maintenance to offer railway operators maximised rail infrastructure 'up-time'.

Benefits of the Fastclip Baseplate


Low maintenance

Designed for high levels of mechanisation and automation through track installation and maintenance, delivering faster maintenance and high levels of adjustment


Easily adjustable

Lateral adjustments can be made quickly and easily. No components need to be exchanged and there is no need to disassemble the fastening system.


No size of increment limitation

There is no limit on the size of increment in which lateral adjustments can be made within the +/12 mm range. Absolute lateral position of the rails can be set at both the track build stage and also during track maintenance activities



Vertical adjustments can normally be made without the need to disassemble the fastening system fully. Loosening the anchors is sufficient to allow all but very large adjustments to be made simply


Easily vertically adjusted

No parts need to be exchanged or added to make vertical adjustments, other than the correct shims and the need for longer bolts at large intervals within the 70mm vertical adjustment range

Technical features of the Fastclip Baseplate



Can be supplied as pre-assembled units with the clips in the parked position.


Lateral adjustments

Provides lateral adjustments in the range of +/-12 mm per assembly (or +/-24 mm on track gauge)


Vertical adjustments

Provides vertical adjustment up to +70 mm, by means of fitting shims underneath the assembly


Low rolling noise

Developed to provide a stiffness characteristic that results in low rolling noise


Used on bridge and viaduct structures

Available in low toe load or zero longitudinal restraint (ZLR) configurations. These are for use on bridge and viaduct structures

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