Rail Fastenings Systems

Victor Baseplate

Pandrol’s Victor baseplate system combines the benefits of existing resilient rail fasteners with the durability of an American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) tie plate.

Victor Baseplate product overview

The modern heavy haul railway is a demanding environment, with high locomotive horsepower, dynamic braking, large rail sections and high mega gross tonnes per year.

  • The outcome is a rolled steel baseplate that provides maximum load bearing area, holding power and prevention of rail rollover
  • Pandrol’s Victor baseplate system reduces maintenance

Benefits of the Victor Baseplate


Increases track longevity

Compared to cast baseplates, the rolled steel Victor system is economical, strong and durable.


Money saving

The baseplates’ increased load bearing area results in a significant reduction in plate cutting, saving time and money.


Increased safety

The large bearing area also reduces gauge widening under load, preventing rail spreading and increasing railway safety.



The Victor system is flexible and can be configured to different baseplate profiles and clip styles.



Compatibility with resilient fastenings brings the accompanying advantages of holding power, prevention of rail rollover and reduced maintenance.


Low maintenance

Using the SWAGE method to attach the cast shoulders to the baseplates means no extra components, such as bolts, rivets or weld filler, are required.

Technical features of Victor Baseplate


Rolled steel construction

Victor baseplates are made from strong, durable rolled steel.


Increased load bearing area

The Victor baseplate has a 37% greater load bearing area compared to similar baseplates for resilient fastenings.


Cast iron shoulders

Lightweight, cast ductile iron shoulders provide the geometry needed to attach resilient rail fasteners. A cold forging method called SWAGE is used to attach the cast shoulders to the rolled steel baseplates.


Resilient fasteners

The Victor system is compatible with Pandrol’s resilient fasteners, including the e-Clip and Fastclip.



The baseplate comes in 16” and 18” lengths and is available for both screw and cut spikes.


AREMA compliance

The Victor baseplate is tested and compliant with resilient fasteners, as recommended by AREMA 30.

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