What is Pandrol Cares?

Pandrol are committed to contributing to initiatives that foster the well-being and development of the communities in which we operate globally. We will do this through Pandrol Cares.

Our commitment aligns with and supports the aims of the Group Delachaux WECommunity program, in that it helps build our relationships with our communities by focusing on three themes promoted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These three themes are education, solidarity and environment.

Pandrol Cares aims to:

  • Recognise, value and promote the many initiatives that we already contribute to in our communities.
  • Encourage and support our employees to suggest and develop new community actions.
  • Support our employees to spend time helping, supporting and participating in activities that create a positive impact in the communities around our Pandrol sites.
  • Create individual and collective actions where our employees can build lasting and positive relationships in our communities.
  • Continue to develop and further foster appropriate community actions with support from the Delachaux WECommunity Program and associated funding.
  • Build upon the Pandrol Cares initiative of our colleagues in our South Africa Joint Venture who have assembled a team of employees from across the business, giving their time and support to help those less fortunate in their local community.

Anyone in Pandrol can get involved

We want Pandrol Cares to inspire employees to continue to get involved in and propose new community actions which foster collaboration and team work internally and have a positive impact, externally.

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