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Pandrol defines the industry standard across rail fastening systems and aluminothermic welding. We’ve created rail infrastructure in more than 100 countries with our products and services extending to designing, developing and manufacturing equipment to make constructing and maintaining railways more efficient. That means we’ve experienced just about every situation, problem, question and solution before.

At Pandrol we believe in quality above all else – a commitment that stretches from the products we make to the service we provide. We share our global knowledge so our partners can reach objectives quickly and efficiently. We invest as much time in developing our service and relationships as we do developing new solutions.

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A family-owned company created in 1902, the Delachaux Group is a global player in mission-critical engineered solutions

Our Products

  • Aluminothermic welding
    Aluminothermic welding

    Setting the industry standard in aluminothermic welding for more than 100 years. Our technical expertise, innovative solutions and in-track services make us a partner of choice for our customers worldwide.

  • Equipment & control
    Equipment & control

    Designing, developing and manufacturing equipment to make constructing and maintaining railways more efficient. Our smart control systems increase productivity, monitor track conditions and improve the overall life cycle.

  • Electrification

    Providing a full range of products for urban transportation systems, such as aluminium conductor rail systems, rigid catenary systems and innovative solutions for special applications.

  • Fastening systems
    Fastening systems

    We are committed to quality above all else - our approach combines market leading research and development with specialization in track engineering; track maintenance and analysis; and noise and vibration attenuation.

  • Sustainable resilient systems
    Sustainable resilient systems

    Experts in track resilience, we have developed environmentally sustainable systems to improve the life cycle of components, reduce maintenance costs, and control noise & vibration for the whole spectrum of rail categories and sectors.

Problem solving that changes what’s possible

We encourage our customers to collaborate with us to solve their problems, and we act quickly and efficiently to keep them on track.

Our technical expertise

A History of Innovation

  • Pandrol Connect Welding App

    Created in 2017 by our product development team in Raismes, Pandrol Connect modernises aluminothermic welding through digital traceability and provides on-track support for welders.

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  • Rosenqvist EQ Axle

    First launched in 2013 by our equipment site in Hudiksvall, the EQ Axle bears the weight of excavators and larger vehicles alike, up to 20 tonnes, making transportation along track much easier and safer.

  • Vortok Multi-sensor

    In 2011 our Equipment & Control site in Plymouth launched its Multi Sensor technology, which enables quick and extremely cost-effective remote condition and fault monitoring of key assets in the railway. As part of the Measure and Detect service, users can monitor a range of rail infrastructure conditions including wheel flats, bogie hunting, stress free temperature, core rail temperature, rail and bridge strain, and ground disturbance.

  • Matweld Wireless Controlled Track Rover

    Developed in 2006 in Napoleon as part of our Matweld product range, this hydraulic powered four-wheel drive mobile work cart is ideal for derailment work and transports railroad maintenance tools/supplies to remote areas not readily accessible by conventional high-rail methods.

  • Vanguard

    Noise and vibration mitigation became a priority for contractors in the 1990s. In response, Pandrol developed the Vanguard system, which isolates the track from the underlying structures. The first installation was on the London Underground in 1999, and has since become the system of choice for underground and metro systems around the world.

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  • Fastclip FC

    In the early 1990s, contractors required a captive rail fastening system which could be delivered pre-attached to the sleeper. Fastclip FC was the first system which was both captive and could be installed with automated clipping modules, requiring no manual intervention. The success led to Fastclip FC being the preferred system in many countries, with record installation rates being achieved for both new track projects and track renewals.

  • One-Shot Crucible

    Invented by Patrick Bommard in Raismes in 1988, the One-Shot Crucible brought about major improvements to the quality of aluminothermic welding. The idea was to produce the steel in a disposable crucible, set directly on top of the moulds without any hardware.

  • Rigid Catenary System

    Originally designed in 1983, our Rigid Catenary Systems quickly became the most widely used system in tunnels, and their lower maintenance costs have justified their installation in many other cases.

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  • e-Clip

    The e-clip was created in 1976 by our fastening development team in Addlestone, UK. Its value-engineered design reduced the weight of clips by 40% whilst improving performance further, spurring immediate adoption across the market.

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  • NABLA Clip

    The Nabla style fastening was first implemented in 1968 by our Fastening Systems site in Douai. It has since evolved into Nabla Tram, which has become a standard system for tramway networks across Europe, and Nabla Evolution, which offers high electrical insulation and lateral force absorption for concrete sleepers in ballasted track.

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  • PR Clip

    The PR clip was patented in 1957 by a Norwegian railways engineer, Per Pande Rolfsen. It was his name that inspired the company name, Pandrol.

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We are motivated by maximising rail infrastructure availability, safety and lifetime value

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Leading by example in our practices and having a positive footprint for sustainable development

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