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Rail and Sleeper Handling

Pandrol have built on 100+ years of track experience to design, develop, and manufacture equipment for rail and sleeper handling. Our products make track construction simpler and safer, combining best-in-class engineering with solutions designed specifically for positioning sleepers and rail.

Rail and Sleeper Handling: Keep your railway construction projects on track

Pandrol manufactures a variety of excavator-mounted tools to streamline track construction, from simple rail tongs through to large pieces of machinery designed for sleeper handling. 

  • We offer a range of hydraulic sleeper layer machines in different configurations to suit various use cases, suitable for small lengths of track through to large scale installations.
  • Our machines can be attached to a large variety of excavators - Pandrol works closely with customers to oversee the correct and safe installation of our tools onto the client’s excavators.
  • Pandrol’s rail and sleeper handling solutions are designed with the user in mind, being easy to use with fast and safe results.
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Why buy from Pandrol?

Why do customers choose Pandrol Rail and Sleeper Handling tools?

Get the right equipment for your project

We offer solutions suitable for all projects, from small track maintenance tasks through to new construction and large scale renovations. Our machinery is available in a variety of sleeper handling capabilities, depending on your needs. 

Built to last

Designed in our Centre of Engineering Excellence in Sweden, Pandrol rail and sleeper handling attachments are built to one global standard by a team of experts who specialise in rail equipment innovation. 

Hands on training

Pandrol offers commissioning and training of operators to ensure our customers get the most value possible from our equipment. Our global teams are available at customers’ disposal throughout the entire buying process.

Making track construction safer

Pandrol’s rail and sleeper handling tools make track work safer by keeping operators away from moving hazards, allowing heavy loads to be positioned with accuracy from the comfort of the excavator. 

High capacity solutions

The largest sleeper layer in Pandrol’s range can place up to 8 sleepers simultaneously. We also offer sleeper replacement machinery that can clip fastenings whilst installing the sleeper. 

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