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Rail Tongs

Pandrol’s Rail Tongs are used to install and maintain continuous welded rail (CWR). The Rail Tongs clip automatically onto the rail being moved and are designed to be fastened to all types of hauling and rail removal equipment.

Three models are available: RG2500, RG3000 and RG4800.

The RG2500 rail grip model, which has an integrated towing support welded onto the side, enables rails to be towed.

The RG3000 has two towing supports and is compliant to AREMA requirements.

The RG4800’s four-roller grip design is specifically intended to help prevent damage to rail sections that need to be removed or moved as a single, unified section of rail. Its rolling design enhances overall reliability and minimises potential points of failure. Its high-quality cam bearings are built to last.

Technical Features

  • The tongs automatically clip onto the rail, minimising the risk of damage. This unique design also makes it easy to apply and remove.
  • The RG2500 allows the towing of rails due to the towing support welded onto the side of it. When towing rails, turn the support in the towing direction.
  • When replacing rails on an existing track, the RG2500 and RG3000 tool can be can be used to both remove the old rails and roll the new ones into position. While being lightweight and easy to use, it offers the same power as more traditional alternatives.
  • When using the roller grip RG4800, the rails only need to be raised very slightly off the ground to enable a proper grip. This uses the weight of the rails themselves, while allowing them to be moved sideways at the same time.
  • The rail grip are made of high-tensile Swedish steel, with a minimal number of moving parts. As a result, the RG2500 and RG3000 Rail Grip are extremely lightweight, making it easier to move to and from site.
  • With high-quality, reliable components, the RG4800 requires very little maintenance throughout its life. It has been tested thoroughly and is supplied with CE certification.


  • The rail tongs are designed for fast and easy sideways positioning of rails and enables them to be handled smoothly and safely.
  • Automatic clipping allows for quick and easy fixing to the rail and minimises the risk of damage.
  • Made of high-tensile Swedish steel, the rail tongs are lightweight and portable, easy to move on and off site.
  • The rail tongs are compatible for use with all types of hauling and rail removal equipment.
  • As a tool it is robust, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. As a result, it is more cost-effective than other rail handling systems.

Product Range


Key Facts

RG2500 Rail Grip
Item Number 20610001
Weight 5kg (11lb)
Maximum load 2500kg (5510lb)
Height 270mm (10.6in)
Width 160mm (6.3in)
Application rail type 50 E3, 50 E4, 60 E1, 56 E1
Surface treatment Linseed oil
RG3000 Rail Grip
Item Number 5013433
Weight 7,1 kg (15.7lb)
Maximum load 3000kg (6614lb)
Height 270mm (10.6in)
Width 160mm (6.3in)
Application rail type 132RE, 136RE, 141RE, TR68
Surface treatment Linseed oil
RG4800 Roller Grip
Item Number 20200009
Weight 28kg (62lb)
Maximum load 4800kg (10580lb)
Height 335mm (13.2in)
Width 310mm (12.2in)
Application rail type Vignol Rail
Surface treatment Solid Paint RAL1004 Yellow
  • Machinery directive 2006/42/CE
  • AREMA (RG3000 only)
Rail and Sleeper Handling

Rail Tongs