Rail and Sleeper Handling

Automaster (For Sleeper Replacers SB40/SB60)

Pandrol’s Auto Master has been developed for use when installing Pandrol FC and FE Fastclip products as part of re-sleeper operations

Auto Master product overview

The Auto Master enables clipping to take place automatically, as part of a seamless process. With six to eight fewer people required on track to perform the operation, the machine has a major impact on site safety.

  • A carrier-mounted attachment, it is available as an accessory for the Sleeper Replacers SB40 and SB60.
  • Self-centring and with a high working capacity, the Auto Master is an excellent choice for simplifying and accelerating re-sleeper operations on all standard varieties of rails and sleepers

Benefits of the Auto Master


Easily operated

The Auto Master is extremely easy to use, enabling new sleepers to be clipped onto the rail at the press of a button.


Quick and efficient

With an hourly capacity of approximately 20 to 30 sleepers, the machine improves the rate of operation.



The Auto Master is a cost-effective option because it minimises the number of people needed for clipping during re-sleeper operations.


Enhances safety

As a result, it also increases site safety by reducing the number of people on track.

Technical features of Auto Master



The Auto Master instals clips automatically, controlled by the machine’s operator from the cab of the carrier machine. New sleepers are clipped onto the rail at the press of a button.


High working capacity

The Auto Master can clip approximately 20 to 30 sleepers an hour.


Clip compatibility

The machine can be adjusted to accommodate a range of different clip assemblies, including Fastclip FC and FE, and Safelok I and III.


Energy use

The machine is hydraulic and requires no extra power from the carrier machine.


Carrier-mounted attachment

The Auto Master is available as an attachment for the Sleeper Replacer SB40 (the unit weighs 220kg) and for the SB60 (weighs 260kg).

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