Rail and Sleeper Handling

Vortok Stressing Roller


Rely on Pandrol’s fast-fit, fast-removal solution for efficient rail stressing. The Vortok Stressing Roll (VSR) is designed especially to reduce friction during stressing operations and offers a very safe alternative to traditional methods.

Vortok Stressing Roller Explained

The Pandrol Vortok Stressing Roller attaches to the rail fastening and, using a rotating lift arm and bearing, contacts the underside of the rail head to lift the unclipped rail from the sleeper.

Throughout this process, the rail is kept centralised between the fastening shoulders for safety and accuracy as the lift action self-locks the VSR in the raised position. Once lifted, the rail can be moved with very low friction, optimising stress distribution for maximum results.

  • A safer alternative to traditional rail-stressing processes
  • Unlocks significant cost and time savings
  • Also suitable for changing rail pads

Advantages of the Vortok Stressing Roller



Save time and achieve higher productivity than that provided by traditional stressing methods. A standard 900m stressing operation is over two hours quicker using the Pandrol Vortok Stressing Roller.



Promote enhanced site safety with the VSR. With Pandrol’s stressing solution, there is no need for operators to use rail jacks or reach under the rail to fit under-rollers, reducing the risk of working accidents.


Increased longevity

Eliminate insulator and pad damage with the VSR’s smooth lift-and-drop action. High-quality stress distribution reduces rail breaks at the weld by optimising localised tension. The stress-free temperature throughout the pull length achieves the target more consistently than other methods.



Carry the Pandrol Vortok Stressing Roller around and between sites with ease, without the need for the accompanying hammers and rail jacks required with other stressing solutions. This lightweight, portable solution is supplied with its own plastic carry box with a total mass of less than 25kg.


Long life expectancy

Choose a durable, high-performance stressing solution that will keep delivering results for years to come. The Pandrol Vortok Stressing Roller has a life expectancy of up to ten times longer than conventional under-rollers.



Select a versatile stressing solution designed for use with the majority of Pandrol rail fastenings and common rails, irrespective of sleeper material. The Vortok Stressing Roller is compatible with all rail profiles on continuously welded rails, including curves, straights and cants, and has extra lift for changing rail pads.


Reduced input load

Reduce the input load needed from hydraulic rail tensors used in the stressing operation with the Pandrol Vortok Stressing Roller’s efficient, easy-to-use design, saving time and effort for the operator.

Technical features of the Vortok Stressing Roller


Ball races

Reduce friction and create more evenly distributed stress over longer rail lengths thanks to the Vortok Stressing Roller’s deep groove ball bearings. Unlike plain rollers, these are in contact with the underside of the rail head rather than the foot or web.


Rotating lift arm and bearing

Rely on the Pandrol Vortok Stressing Roller for a smooth lift-and-drop action. Its rotating lift arm and bearing are designed to contact the underside of the rail head and lift the rail from the sleeper (tie) seamlessly.


Shear pin

Limit torque on the operating shaft to a maximum of 400Nm with the Vortok Stressing Roller’s shear pin. Operators must use rollers in pairs to ensure a safe and optimum torque limit is maintained.

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