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Vortok Stressing Roller

The Vortok Stressing Roller (VSR) is designed to attach to the rail fastening and, by means of a rotating lift arm and bearing, contact the underside of the rail head to lift the unclipped rail from the tie.

Once lifted, the rail can be moved with very low friction for the purposes of rail stressing. The resultant stress distribution is, therefore, optimized. The VSR can also be used for changing rail pads.

Technical Features

  • Designed for the majority of rail fastenings and common rails irrespective of tie material
  • To reduce friction, ball races have been specified instead of plain rollers and are in contact with the underside of the rail head - not the foot or web of the rail
  • All of the variants have a shear pin included in the drive that limits the torque on the operating shaft to a maximum of 400 Nm
  • The smooth lift and drop action eliminates insulator and pad damage


  • The system offers higher productivity with a significant reduction in manpower and achieves time savings of more than two hours on a standard 900 m stressing operation
  • The VSRs provide a safe method of stressing with a reduced risk of damage to hands and insulators. The use of rail hammers is now eliminated as is the need to provide and carry rail jacks
  • Stress distribution is significantly improved and rail breaks at the weld are reduced, as the localized tension is optimized
  • Life expectancy of up to 10 times longer than that of conventional under rollers

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Vortok Stressing Roller