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Pandrol Fastclip is an established, highly-regarded resilient, threadless rail fastening. Over the years, the Fastclip family has grown to include the FC, FD, FE Fastclip products, each of which has been designed to meet the technical and commercial demands of a specific area.

Fastclip features the unique Pandrol ‘switch on-switch off’ function, which enables fast and efficient track installation and reduced maintenance costs. Ties are supplied with all components held captive and the clips set in the parked position. Once the ties have been placed and the rail threaded, the clips are simply pushed into the installed position to automatically achieve the correct clamping force.


Technical Features


  • As the fastenings are captive and the Fastclip system is compatible with mechanised equipment, very high rates of track construction and maintenance can be achieved
  • Fastclip allows for independent movement of the rail in different directions, reducing wear. This is achieved by separating the electrical insulators into two pieces, one on the side of the rail foot and the other on top of it
  • Lateral adjustments on the FC and FE systems can be made quickly and easily with the rail in situ. To swap the rail insulations, the clips simply need to be moved to the ‘insulator change’ position
  • Fastclip assembly stiffness can be configured easily by changing the design or material used for the rail pad to adjust the overall track stiffness
  • Fastclip is suitable for use on either pre-cast concrete or steel ties. Different designs of shoulders are available to suit the requirements of specific applications. Baseplate product options also exist for timber and composite ties
Rail Fastenings Systems