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Floating Slab Mat

The Pandrol Floating Slab Mat (FSM) is a high-performing vibration attenuation floating slab system. Easy to install, maintenance free and compatible with all types of rail and track systems, it has been designed to reduce the lifecycle costs of the railway.

Pandrol Floating Slab Mat product overview

The FSM is based on the mass-spring principle. The concrete slab (the mass) is elastically supported by a continuous resilient mat (the spring). The elastic properties of the mat solution are defined by track and train design, chosen material, defined thickness and number of layers and determined shape factor.

  • They are made from high-quality resin-bonded rubbers.
  • The design parameters can be adjusted to achieve a vibration attenuation up to 25 dBv with a low resonance frequency.

Benefits of the Pandrol Floating Slab Mats


Easy to install

Rapid, easy installation saves time and labour costs.


Cost effective

Hardwearing and maintenance free, it is highly efficient and cost effective over the long term.


Environmentally friendly

The FSM has a low environmental footprint and increases sustainability.



Compatibility with all types of rail and track systems, including special track works, along with adaptable insulation performance means that the FSM is a highly flexible product with a wide range of applications.

Technical features of the Floating Slab Mat


Designed for quick and easy installation

The FSM can be supplied in rolls or sheets. Both are easy to install in single, double or triple layers, plus an underlayer if needed. The system does not have closing joints between adjacent mats, simplifying installation.


Maintenance free

The FSM is built to last, with tested long-term stable properties and continued performance. It is water permeable and resistant to atmospheric conditions and fatigue. Each mat has excellent mechanical and chemical properties.



It is compatible with all types of rail and track systems, as well as the curvature of the tunnel invert and special track works such as manholes, pipes and electrical boxes.


Vibration isolation

The FSM is available in a wide range of stiffnesses, providing different possible levels or providing tuneable ground borne noise vibration isolation. The vibration isolation performance can be modified to meet requirements. Low resonance frequency is from -14 to 25Hz.


Exceptional performance

The FSM has been proven to mitigate vibration transmission from rolling stock into neighbouring environments. Reductions of between 14db(v) and 25db(v) of recorded vibration levels are possible. Insulation performance can be tuned by modifying the stiffness of the mat or the properties of the slab.



The Pandrol FSM is a continuous mat made of 90% recycled material and 100% recyclable.

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