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Under-Sleeper Pads

Under Sleeper Pads (USP) are tailor-made resilient systems designed to reduce track maintenance, increase the quality of the track and provide vibration mitigation by fixing elastic elements to the bottom surface of the sleepers.

The pads are designed to be attached during sleeper production by means of Pandrol USP Micro-Filament Fastenings (MFF®) technology.

Technical Features

  • A manufactured elastic product which is attached to the base of the sleeper
  • Micro-Filament Fastening bonding technique is designed to fix Pandrol USP onto fresh concrete during sleeper production and is compatible with all sleeper types
  • The under-sleeper pads can also be attached to sleepers at a post-production stage using glue
  • Suitable for all monoblock or bi-concrete and timber sleepers


  • Improvement of track quality via reduction of stresses on all track components and substructure due to a better load distribution over the track and its components both longitudinally and transversely
  • Designed to reduce life-cycle costs of track infrastructure by increasing longevity of track components, reducing rail corrugation and ballast thickness and minimising tamping frequency
  • Able to deliver vibration isolation up to 15 dB(v) and indirectly decrease noise by 1 dBA when compared to new track
  • Mitigation of detrimental effects and ballast stiffening due to win blown sand ingress

Key Facts

Elastomer thickness range 7 - 20 mm
Micro-Filament Fastening (MFF) thickness 0.7 mm
Density range 710-1200 kg/m2
Geometry Flat
Static bedding modules range 0.08 - 0.25 N/mm2 according to DIN45673-6
Dynamic bedding modules range (10Hz) 0.08 - 0.32 N/mm2 according to DIN45673-6
Pull-out strength >0.5 MPa according to DIN45673-6
Category Approvals
  • Light Rail
  • High Speed
  • Mainline
  • Metro

Pandrol receives world first CO2-neutral label for under sleeper pad

Sustainable Resilient Systems

Under-Sleeper Pads