Sustainable Resilient Systems

F Track

In the Pandrol FTrack system, the rail is fastened by discretely supporting rail fixations and embedded by FT ENCAPSULATION – resilient rail-web filler profiles. The rubber encapsulations of the FTrack system enhance the correct decoupling of the rail from the surrounding concrete and/or track finishing structure.


Product overview

The FT ENCAPSULATIONs are designed to improve the dissociation of the rail and its immediate environment, the transfer of loads from one medium to the other, and the quality of the road-finishing layer (e.g. concrete, natural grass, clinkers, asphalt).

  • Pandrol FTrack is a maintenance-free system and does not interfere with any other typical embedded track maintenance activity.
  • One of its added values is that it combines the best technical performance with an extremely low carbon footprint, certified by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Advantages of using Pandrol FTrack


Environmentally sustainable

Made from more than 90% recycled materials and fully recyclable itself, Pandrol FTrack is the most sustainable product on the market. As a result, it makes an important contribution to creating sustainable track infrastructure and helps customers to improve their circular economy.


Value for money

FTrack is low cost, maintenance-free and exceptional value for money.


Easy installation

FT Encapsulation is installed without any additional components or adhesives. As a result, installation is quick and easy.



FTrack is an extremely versatile fastening system. It can be adapted to any type of sleeper and fastening configuration in terms of spacing and geometry.



This adaptability ensures the best possible track design for
each application, keeping stray currents under control and enhancing safety.



Combining FTrack with the Nabla Tram fastening system provides customers with a cutting-edge, fully-embedded track solution under a single technology provider – Pandrol.

Technical features of the Pandrol FTrack



Pandrol FTrack is made from more than 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. As a result, it has the lowest CO2 footprint of all products on the market (as certified by EPD).


Bespoke encapsulation

FT Encapsulation is uniquely engineered for each fastening system. It can be adapted to accommodate grooved and vignole rail types, protection cover and support spacing between sleepers. Variations are also compatible with all road finishing layers – including concrete, grass, asphalt and concrete – regardless of the choice of top-sealing joint.


Noise and vibration attenuation

Similarly, FTrack’s shape and stiffness characteristics can be precisely tuned to meet required noise and vibration attenuation levels.


Easy-to-fit profiles

The rubber profiles are easy to handle and fit on the rail. No special components or adhesives are required.


High-density rubber

The rubber used for FTrack is high-density and strong, providing long-lasting performance that withstands vertical and shear forces without the need for extra top-sealing joints.



Pandrol FTrack is maintenance-free, while being compatible with standard rail maintenance operations such as grinding and gauge corner restoration.

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