Project Case Study

Bergen Light Rail, Norway


Bergen Municipality




Number of Weld Kits

Customer Challenge

Bergen Light Rail in Norway is a 21km light rail system with 27 stations. It began operation in 2010 and carries up to 60,000 passengers each day. The system is standard gauge, with platforms built to accommodate 44-metre long trams.

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and the light rail system has become an increasingly important means of travel for the growing population, offering a reliable, quick and environmentally-friendly alternative to cars and buses.

Keen to make its light rail the transport system of choice for the people of the city, Bergen Municipality was looking for an aluminothermic welding solution for the rail joints that would ensure maximum comfort and minimum noise.

Pandrol Solution

Pandrol won the contract to supply 3,000 aluminothermic welding kits with related tools and small track machines to create continuous welds for the Bergen light rail system.

Aluminothermic welding involves casting molten steel (produced through the reaction of iron oxide and aluminium) at a temperature exceeding 3,500°F into refractory moulds designed to the rail specification. Pandrol’s aluminothermic welding kits include portions, moulds and crucibles.

Working closely with contractor Steconfer, we provided full, end-to-end technical support for the welding project. Our Engineers worked together with Steconfer experienced welders on site, before moving to virtual brush up training.

The Pandrol team shared its on track know-how with local weld controllers, non-destructive test controllers and administration.

Ultrasonic Testing

Following the cast of the first welds, the Pandrol Track Control Systems team provided weld testing, completing non-destructive tests using ultrasonic tools to scan the track and provide an analysis of the weld quality. Having access to detailed, accurate data as a control measure gave reassurance to both Steconfer and the Municipality.

Ultrasonic Rail Testing


The project is due to be completed in 2022. The Pandrol welds installed so far are providing a more comfortable, quieter ride for passengers and Bergen Municipality is delighted with the product’s quality.

Despite having to move online, the training proved extremely successful. As well as learning specific techniques needed when using the Pandrol welding kits, the local welders improved their general skills and gained certification at the end of the training.

Overall, this project is a fantastic example of the benefits to be gained from drawing on the full range of Pandrol expertise – from product through to technical support and training – to secure successful delivery and high-quality outcomes.

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