Track Measurement and Analysis

Ultrasonic Weld Testing

Ultrasonic testing involves emitting high pitched waves into the welded section of rail in order to detect internal flaws.

Ultrasonic Weld Testing product overview

This comprehensive test is carried out on the head, web and foot to provide a detailed analysis of the entire weld.

  • This allows the user to determine whether or not the weld has confirmed to the specifications of the rail network


Benefits of the Ultrasonic Weld Testing


Prevents breakage

Prevents breaking in the weld



The outputted report will highlight the exact location, characteristics and cause of the defect inside the weld

Technical features of the Ultrasonic Weld Testing


Inspects 100% of the weld

Multiple angles are used to inspect 100% of the weld


Detects infects

Detects a variety of defects including blowholes, insufficient fusion and shrinkage

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