Track Measurement and Analysis

Overhead Line Inspection Equipment

Our range of Overhead Line Equipment gives the user the ability to measure the height and stagger of overhead catenery wire. The user can then log and store data directly to an android device, saving post-processing time back at the office. Multiple variants are available for different track applications and inspection needs.

Overhead Line Inspection Equipment product overview

The entire portfolio of Overhead Line Equipment easily folds up, and is ergonomically designed.

  • As with all of our measurement gauges, the Overhead Line Equipment gauges are manufactured from hard wearing and non-conductive glass reinforced plastic and offer a sprung foot ensuring improved user friendliness and accuracy of measurements

Benefits of the Overhead Line Inspection Equipment


Easy set-up

The equipment is extremely easy to set up and use, reducing time on track and contributing to the user’s safety



The gauges are lightweight and come in a padded bag that makes it easy to carry to and from site


High quality

The high quality of the laser unit and its ease of use help to ensure that measurements taken are accurate


Suitable for all weather conditions

The gauge’s LCD display and reflective screen make it suitable for use in all weather conditions, including bright sunlight and at night (and in tunnels)



Digital data logging increases accuracy and saves time on data processing back in the office. GPS tagging enables future recordings in the same location

Technical features of the Overhead Line Inspection Equipment


Height measurements

The Laser Height and Stagger Gauge uses Hilti’s new IP65 rated PD-E laser range meter for height measurements


Easily to set the laser location marker

The laser unit is positioned at eye level and features a 90° viewfinder, enabling the locator to easily set the laser location marker onto the OHL in all weather conditions, including bright sunlight


Illuminated LCD screen

Height and SE are displayed on an illuminated LCD screen


Displayed on a reflective scale

Stagger position is displayed on a reflective scale, for ease of use at night as well as day


non-conductive GRP and insulated

The gauge is made of non-conductive GRP and is fully insulated

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