Track Measurement and Analysis

Track Geometry Gauges

Track Geometry Gauges offer accurate and consistent track measuring, coming in a lightweight and robust design. Pandrol offer a range of Track Geometry Gauges suitable for all inspections needs, all weighing less than 3.5 kg.

Track Geometry Gauges product overview

The gauges have been designed with a sprung gauging foot, with all measurements being displayed on the end of the gauge, ensuring accurate measurements and minimising user error.

  • They are are easy to transport on track and can be effortlessly installed and used

Benefits of the Track Geometry Gauges


Reliable and accurate

The equipment’s sprung gauging foot, with all measurements displayed on the usable end of the gauge, ensures improved repeatability and accuracy of measurements, whilst minimising potential for user error



The product can be used in a wide range of settings – there are versions for different track widths and alternative wheel profiles can be provided


No interferance

Gauge is made of electrically non-conductive GRP and nylon – it does not interfere with the track signalling circuit and can be used in areas of 3rd and 4th rail electrification

Technical features of the Track Geometry Gauges


Electronically measured

Super-elevation (SE) is measured electronically and is shown on an LCD display


Easy-to-read scales

Track gauge, check gauge and flangeway are measured mechanically, with readings displayed on easy-to-read scales


Two standard 9V PP3 batteries

The unit is powered by two standard 9V PP3 batteries and the battery life for average usage is 12 months. The batteries can be replaced by the operator as needed

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