Track Measurement and Analysis

Track geometry

Our Geometrical Rail Measurement analyses the rail based on a variety of physical parameters, allowing rail operators to accurately plan their maintenance operations. Parameters including track gauge, alignment and twists are tested for conformity to network standards and specifications.

Geometrical Rail Measurement product overview

Identifying points of undulatory wear on the rail head will outline where grinding actions need to be taken to prevent further deterioration.

  • This data is highlighted on the control panel of the machine, and feeds into a comprehensive report for the user.


Benefits of the Geometrical Rail Measurement


Optimises maintenance

Optimises rail maintenance procedures and schedules

Technical features of the Geometrical Rail Measurement


Comprehensive report

The data collected is outputted into a comprehensive report, that shows all anomalies detected and their precise GPS locations.


Provides analysis

Provides a detailed analysis of track’s gauge, cant, alignment, twists, top, and undulatory wear

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