Rail Fastenings Systems


A fastening assembly comprising of a lightweight plastic baseplate and NABLA Evolution components, the NABLA Tram is a cost-effective solution for trams and light rail systems.

Combining ease of application with high performance levels, NABLA Tram is compatible with several track-laying methods. Both top-down and bottom-up construction methods can be used, depending on the project requirements. The baseplate is designed to allow effective insertion into a dry mix of fresh concrete, thanks to an air evacuation system consisting of blowholes and channels.

Over 250,000 NABLA Tram systems have been installed across Europe including installations in Paris, France and the UK.

Technical Features

  • NABLA Tram is certified for CEN Category A tracks
  • Suitable for use on non-ballasted slab tracks
  • The NABLA GS dowel has been designed specifically for insertion into fresh concrete, and transfers loads to the concrete efficiently
  • Soft and stiff variants are available, typically 310 565 lbs/inch (soft) and 1325 lbs/inch (stiff)
  • The NABLA coach screw provides a large acceptable torque range between 250 and 400 Nm. Toe load is achieved automatically once the screw is tightened to refusal


  • Can be installed using either bottom-up automatic construction or the top-down approach
  • The fastening system is protected by a plastic cover which prevents concrete contamination and improves electrical resistance to 22 kΩ. This plastic also provides both mechanical and thermal resistance, allowing for road traffic
  • Compatible with most roadway linings including pavement, concrete, turf and others
  • The NABLA air evacuation system prevents trapped air under the baseplate
Rail Fastenings Systems