Rail Fastenings Systems


NABLA Tram is a cost-effective fastening system for trams and light rail systems that is comprised of a lightweight plastic baseplate and NABLA Evolution components.

Combining ease of application with high-performance levels, NABLA Tram is compatible with both top-down and bottom-up construction methods, depending on a project’s requirements. The baseplate is designed to allow effective insertion into a dry mix or fresh concrete, thanks to an air evacuation system consisting of blowholes and channels.

The NABLA Tram fastening system is designed for use on state-of-the-art tramway track, conforming with EN Standard 313481-5. Over 250,000 NABLA Tram systems have been installed across Europe.

Technical Features

  • The plastic baseplate is partially embedded in the concrete to withstand the lateral and longitudinal loading. It is engineered to allow trapped air and water to escape, ensuring a solid fill of concrete under the rail seat.
  • NABLA Tram is a direct fastening system. The rail is attached to the baseplate and the baseplate to the supporting base structure using the same method.
  • The baseplate system has been optimised for automatic machine installation on slip paved fresh concrete. Its shapes, dimensions and weight allow for easy, economical installation.
  • The fastening system comes with a plastic cover designed to prevent concrete contamination, and improve electrical, mechanical and thermal resistance, allowing for road traffic.
  • The NABLA air evacuation system prevents trapped air getting under the baseplate.
  • NABLA Tram provides electrical insulation higher than 20 K ohms (EN13146-5:2012), providing safety from stray currents.


  • NABLA Tram has been designed for ease of installation using either bottom-up or top-down construction methods, into either a dry mix or fresh concrete.
  • Covers are compatible with grass, pavement, concrete and bitumen surfaces. They increase the insulation and protect the fastening system from concrete contamination.
  • The baseplate allows trapped air and water to escape, increasing the system’s reliability.
  • NABLA Tram’s GS anchorage provides pull-out resistance of 90kN and higher, allowing a good transfer of loads towards the concrete slab.
  • The system can be adjusted to provide a wide range of stiffnesses (from 35 MN/m up to 150 MN/m) and vibration attenuation better than -10dB.
  • NABLA Tram is suitable for use in conjunction with Pandrol’s QTrack sustainable resilient system for embedded rail.
Rail Fastenings Systems