Rigid Catenary System

With a large number of global references, Pandrol’s Rigid Catenary System is an alternative rail transport power supply system to conventional catenary. Its characteristics make it the most widely used system in tunnels, although its lower maintenance costs justify its installation in a wide range of environments.

Rigid Catenary can replace either the contact wire with sustentation wire, the third rail or the suspended bimetallic T-rail to deliver a number of advantages included reduced maintenance costs and extended product life.

Technical Features

  • Rigid catenary solution formed by an aluminum alloy profile, which accommodates the copper contact wire, with a large cross section for the current which allows operative OCS voltages from 750 to 25000 V, without any feeding supply
  • Conductor profile manufactured by extrusion from aluminum alloy and heat-treated, in bars of 10 or 12 metres length
  • Self-centring joint plate is designed to deliver perfect alignment between the profiles
  • PVC protection cover to protect the aluminum profile against dust and humidity. For use at the entrance of tunnels, high humidity areas, or stations, to improve safety


  • The product features a large cross-section current bar profile clamping contact wire which delivers increased current carrying capability
  • Rigid catenary system reduces tunnel clearance against standard catenary system which can offer reduction in construction costs
  • Maintenance costs are reduced through time-saving installation and replacement techniques and the longevity of the contact wire, which allows more wear
  • As the traction stress is eliminated, the rigid catenary system allows more contact wire wear without creating the risk of breaking-off to improve system longevity
  • Low wear of copper wire which gives longer product life

Rigid Catenary System