Track Safety Equipment

Telescopic Safety Barrier

Winner of the 2002 ALSTOM Award for Innovation and Safety, the Telescopic Safety Barrier is a quick and easy to install barrier which separates people from train movements.

The Telescopic Safety Barrier can be set to either 1.25 m (4’) or 2.0 m (6”6””) and supports the creation of safe working zones suitable for all train speeds.


Technical Features

  • The barrier can be adjusted to an appropriate distance from the rail to accommodate various line speeds, from 1.25 m (4’) to 2.0 m (6”6””)
  • Installed by clamping to the running rail foot
  • Network Rail approved for AC, DC and non-electrified track
  • Can be used at all train speeds
  • Suitable for flat-bottomed and bull-head rail profiles
  • All components are re-usable and are supplied in their own storage stillages


  • Achieves significant cost savings by enabling higher train running speeds on adjacent lines
  • Fast and efficient installation without specialist tools or equipment
  • Track lighting can be attached to the barrier using the Network Rail-approved Lightmast Bracket
  • No buried services scan required prior to installation
  • Workers caught the wrong side of the safety barrier can easily re-enter the safe zone
Track Safety Equipment

Telescopic Safety Barrier