Rail fastenings specialist Pandrol has announced a five-year extension to its partnership with railroad tie manufacturer Sicut North America Inc, enabling it to continue as Sicut’s sole distributor across North America.

For the North American market, Sicut’s railroad ties are manufactured in Sicut’s new state of the art facility in Kansas, where they are produced from a unique blend of recycled plastics and reinforced with glass fibre. Sicut manufactures both main line and speciality switch ties in this facility for supply to both Class 1 and mass transit railroads.

Sicut ties have shown to deliver substantially improved track asset value and reduced embodied carbon though the asset life compared to both hardwood and concrete and are reusable in secondary applications, or 100% recyclable at the end of the asset life. The advantages of this include: increased durability and low maintenance, ability to withstand poor track conditions and improved safety and logistics. They are recommended for spot replacement with hardwood ties, or for full track renewals.

Breen Reardon, VP of Sales & Marketing, North America, commented: “This exciting announcement demonstrates a new phase in our partnership with Sicut, who we have developed a very close relationship with over the past few years.

“It brings together the expertise and resources of both our companies to deliver a truly premium and sustainable solution for our customers in North America.

“Sicut’s quality assurance procedures and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Kansas are remarkable: a huge step change for the industry. We see a fantastic opportunity for customers who are looking for an enhanced performance, low maintenance, longer life and best value railroad tie, particularly in challenging track conditions.”

William Mainwaring, CEO at Sicut, said: “We are delighted to be extending our partnership with Pandrol North America, a company which is synonymous with innovation and quality across the globe. We believe that together we can revolutionise the North America railroad tie market.

“The drive from North America Railroads for a proven, long-lasting and sustainable alternative to creosote treated hardwood ties represents a golden opportunity. Not only do Sicut ties offer outstanding value, extremely long service life, and the lowest embodied carbon, but they also help North America address its targets for plastic recycling and the reversal of hardwood deforestation.

“By using Sicut ties, railroads could use up to 250 tonnes of recycled plastic waste (about 12 million waste plastic bottles) per mile of track. This will save up to 800 American oak trees from being unnecessarily felled – what’s not to like!”

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