Pandrol establishes rail fastenings manufacturing facility in India

Pandrol Rahee Technologies Pvt Ltd, a joint venture initiative between Pandrol, world leader in elastic rail fastenings, aluminothermic welding and other rail infrastructure products and Rahee Group, India’s leading railway infrastructure construction company and manufacturer of railway track products, has established a new manufacturing plant in Hyderabad for the production of fastenings.

The new 3,500m2 facility is expected to produce 4 million clips per year mainly for the Indian rail market.  This includes an automated clip forming line that incorporates an advanced coating technology process.

The plant will produce, amongst other types, advanced Pandrol solutions, that combines heavy duty performance with long life durability including anti-theft feature. Pradeep Khaitan from Pandrol Rahee Technologies explains:

“We have made a very significant investment in our manufacturing capabilities in India, which we see as a key market growth sector over the next decade. Investing in a new manufacturing facility will mean we are best placed to service customers and capitalize on this growth. It will also give us greater capacity to respond to market requirements while creating new employment in the region.  This will be a world class facility for rail fastening manufacture, fully supporting the ‘Make in India’ policy of the Indian Government.”

Pandrol Rahee Technologies was established in 2005 and its success in India started with Metro projects, supplying the resilient fastening system for ballastless track. The new factory is expected to produce rail fasteners for Metro, Heavy Haul and High Speed projects.

In addition, Pandrol has an existing facility in Raipur, which manufactures aluminothermic welding equipment and a comprehensive range of light track machines.

Pandrol’s solutions are developed within an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and the company is committed to sustainable operations that benefit customers, communities and the environment.