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Battery-Operated Hydraulic Power Unit

Going green with your hydraulic equipment just became possible.

Pandrol introduces its first battery-operated hydraulic power unit which outputs zero emissions. Compatible with existing Pandrol hydraulic equipment, the unit permits clean and safe use of tools without fuel consumption making it an ideal solution for tunnels and clean working environments.

Technical Features

  • Compatible with all existing Pandrol hydraulic tools including grinders, rail saws, and welding shearing


  • Hydraulic tools produce less vibration and can therefore be operated for longer periods of time with reduced risk to the operator
  • Allows hydraulic tools to be operated in tunnels

Key Facts

Dimensions 30,5” (77.5 cm) x 27,75” (70.5 cm) x 27,75” (70.5 cm)
Battery 200AH Lithium Ion
Hydraulics 5 gpm (19 lpm) or 10 gpm (38 lpm)
Pressure 2,000 PSI (140 bar)
Weight 560 lbs (254 kg)

Battery-Operated Hydraulic Power Unit