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Rail Cutting Discs

Pandrol’s range of Rail Cutting Discs has been designed for ease of use, durability and effective cutting. All three products in the range have a longer life than other products on the market, which reduces the number of replacement discs needed and saves time and money.

As rail track technology continues to make major advances to cope with increasing axle weight and tonnage, the steel used for tracks has become purer and harder. This, combined with high levels of carbon, manganese and silicon and the heat treatment used in manufacturing, has made cutting operations an increasing challenge. At Pandrol, we recognised that rail maintenance teams needed a new, powerful solution for cutting heavy duty steel track.

Pandrol’s HC 355 Rail Saw is compatible with all three cutting discs in the range and ensures fast, accurate and safe cutting of all rail profiles and grades.


Technical Features

  • Compatible with the HC 355 Rail Disc
  • The discs are available in three specifications: Alox, Zirconia and Ceramic
  • All of our discs have a thickness and bore of 4.0 x 25.4 mm


  • Improved productivity when cutting rails, making track renewal projects quicker to carry out
  • Reduces the total cost of maintenance thanks to longer life discs and quicker on track times
  • The reduced vibration from the disc makes the cutting operation safer for the operator
  • Longer disc life reduces the environmental impact of maintenance work

Pandrol Ceramic: A cut above the rest

Offering truly exceptional rail cutting performance, the Pandrol Ceramic disc uses a new bond system which reduces vibrations, and has a longer life than any other disc on the market.


Rail Welding Equipment

Rail Cutting Discs