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Ask the expert: Emissions free maintenance

Ask the expert

Discussing emissions free maintenance.

What is meant by emission free?

Emission free refers to an engine, motor, process, or other energy source, that emits no waste products that pollute the environment or disrupt the climate.

Is emission free maintenance for railways possible?

Although battery technology is not 100% emissions free, it is a solution that drastically reduces emissions; creating a healthier and cleaner working environment for equipment operators.

What are the benefits of using battery powered equipment? ​

Apart from the benefits to the environment that come from lower carbon emissions, battery powered equipment is compact and powerful bringing ergonomic benefits and high-quality performance. Batteries also offer a consistent source of power and require less ongoing maintenance between jobs, making them more reliable and easier to maintain than traditional solutions. From a financial perspective battery operated equipment has a long-life cycle and can offer cost saving opportunities through reduced maintenance requirements and reduced spending on fuel. Track teams can also see a benefit – equipment powered by battery is lighter and easier to carry than traditional railway equipment. Working conditions are also improved as the tools are operated without wires or cables making them less of a trip hazard. Perhaps the most noticeable improvement to track working conditions is the lack of fumes generated by the equipment verses traditional gas-powered solutions.

What are you working on next?

We currently have 6 products in our battery-operated tool range and are working on further developments to both increase our offering and improve the products we have.

What do you think the future of railway maintenance looks like?

We are seeing a global trend of environmental awareness, some of the largest railways in world are committing to reducing carbon emissions and setting clear, measurable targets for improvement. Railways have also historically been dangerous places to work, we are seeing more and more countries look to reduce risk to track teams, improve working conditions and invest in safe working. I think these 2 drivers will push the future of railway maintenance to be safer, cleaner and greener than ever before.