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Self-Feed Rail Drill

Rely on Pandrol’s lightweight, portable Self-Feed Rail Drill for precise and efficient rail drilling. Its hydraulic system delivers clean and powerful energy, providing sufficient driving force for boring holes efficiently.

Pandrol Self-Feed Rail Drill Explained

Our Self-Feed Rail Drill is designed for quick set-up on track and its patented arrow inserts ensure quick drilling time and precision results. The product comes with a range of rail templates, index bars and drill bit inserts for versatile applications.

Adapt the Pandrol Self-Feed Rail Drill to a full range of standard drilling patterns and different rail types, eliminating the need for multiple drilling tools on your rail site.

  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Suitable for a range of drilling applications
  • A maintenance-reducing solution

Advantages of the Pandrol Self-Feed Rail Drill


Money saving

Save time and cost with the Self-Feed Rail Drill’s quick set-up process and fast drilling time. This tool requires less labour and less track downtime.



Ensure consistently precise drill boring with the Pandrol Self-Feed Drill’s automatic feed and accurate arrowhead inserts.


Easy transportation

Carry and position the Self-Feed Rail Drill with ease thanks to its lightweight construction. The entire drill weighs just 31 kg (68 lbs).



Drill a range of rail profiles without the expense of extra parts thanks to the versatility of the Self-Feed Drill’s double-sided templates. Similarly, because the insert holder can be used for a range of insert sizes, it does not require changing to drill holes of different sizes.


Reduced maintenance costs

Keep friction low to prevent operational wear and tear with the Self-Feed Rail Drill’s lubrication system. Over time, this leads to reduced maintenance costs.

Technical features of the Pandrol Self-Feed Rail Drill


Hydraulic source

Rely on the Self-Feed Rail Drill’s high-power hydraulic system, which operates at 10gpm (38 lpm) and 2000 PSI (140 bar).



A separate coolant container assembly delivers coolant to the drill bit for safe and consistent operation.


Simple clamp

Clamp the Self-Feed Rail Drill to the rail by pushing down the over-cam handles, designed for ease.


Automatic feed

Stay confident in the Self-Feed Drill’s accurate operation thanks to its automatic feed feature.


Inserts and holders

Install and drill holes from 22mm (7/8″) to 38mm (1-5/8″) with the Self-Feed Rail Drill. Patented arrowhead inserts drill precisely through raised lettering on the rail.



Operate on all rail sizes with a range of double-sided templates available to securely align the drill to the rail.


Lubrication system

Reduce unnecessary friction that can lead to wear with the Self-Feed Rail Drill’s built-in lubrication system.

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