Rail Welding Equipment

Self-Feed Rail Drill

The Pandrol Self-Feed Rail Drill is a lightweight, portable machine for precise, efficient drilling of rails.

The drill is powered by a hydraulic system that delivers clean and powerful energy that is the driving force needed for boring holes. A simple clamp allows for quick set-up on track and patented arrowhead inserts ensure precision holes and quick drilling time. A separate coolant container assembly delivers coolant to the drill bit.

A range of rail templates, index bars and drill bit inserts are available as accessories to the Self-Feed Rail Drill. These enable the drill to be adapted for a full range of standard drilling patterns and different rail types.

Technical Features

  • The Self-Feed Rail Drill runs on a hydraulic system, operating at 10 gpm (38 lpm) and 2000 PSI (140 bar).
  • The drill is clamped to the rail by pushing down the over cam designed handles.
  • The drill has an automatic feed that ensures it advances accurately.
  • Patented arrowhead inserts drill precisely through raised lettering on the rail. The insert holder can be used for a range of insert sizes; just three holders will install and drill holes from 22mm (7/8") to 38mm (1-5/8").
  • A range of double-sided templates are available to securely align the drill to the rail. These can be designed to fit almost all rail sizes.
  • The drill is fitted with a lubrication system that reduces friction.
  • The Self-Feed Rail Drill weighs just 31 kg (68 lbs).


  • The Self-Feed Rail Drill is quick to use – both in terms of set-up on the rail and drilling time. This saves money on labor and track time.
  • The drill’s automatic feed and arrowhead inserts ensure consistently precise boring.
  • The machine is lightweight, making it easy to carry and position on track.
  • The versatility of the drill’s double-sided templates means that a range of rail profiles can be drilled without the expense of extra parts.
  • Similarly, because the insert holder can be used for a range of insert sizes, money is saved on having to change the complete holder and insert when drilling holes of different sizes.
  • The drill’s lubrication system reduces friction and saves on maintenance costs.
Rail Welding Equipment

Self-Feed Rail Drill