Signalling Equipment

Adjustable CableGuard

A simple yet effective product that improves the reliability of the rail network, through reduced signal and power failures.

Building upon the success of the original (rigid) CableGuard of which over 1,200,000 units have been sold worldwide, the new adjustable design accommodates most rail types and allows for the use of cable ties. The adjustable CableGuard is also available in a flame-retardant material for underground/tunnel applications.

The Adjustable CableGuard has been developed as a “fit and forget” product, to prevent track circuit failures by the creation of an insulating layer between the rail, tie and cable.


Technical Features

  • Highly adjustable
  • Product designed for over and underground application
  • Option to Secure Cable Ties


Key Facts

  • Patent Pending
Weight (overground version) 118 g
Weight (tunnel version) 151 g
Minimum width between jaws when fitted 115 mm
Maximum width between jaws when fitted 166 mm
Signalling Equipment

Adjustable CableGuard