Clip Driver CD400

The robust CD400 not only clips and declips Pandrol Fastclips, but also provides hydraulic power to raise low ties. Attach the performance clip driver CD400 to a rail road vehicle to provide hydraulic power when you need it most.

This easily adjustable attachment for railroad vehicles has a durable frame structure that is fitted with high quality SKF bearings to ensure longevity and maintain performance levels.

The CD400 can be supplied with additional fastening tools for Pandrol e-Clips (or with the e-Clips tool only). Proximity sensors are also available to fasten clips automatically, providing increased security and productivity.

Technical Features

  • Tools for handling Fastclip FC and FE, e-clip and PR-clip
  • Tie lift for new construction
  • Capacity to clip up to 40 ties/min (Fastclip)
  • Connect to a carrier machine of 13 ton


  • Offers flexibility - can have tools for Fastclip and e-clip permanently fitted on the same machine
  • Automatic clipping system available as an option
  • Modular design can be altered for different track gauges 1000-1600 mm

Key Facts

Technical data
Weight (with Pandrol Fastclip tools and tie lift) 1400 kg
Length 2500 mm
Width 2100 mm
Height 1030 mm
Wheels 250 mm
Capacity Up to 40 ties/min
Network Rail product acceptance no PA05/1477

Clip Driver CD400