Track Transportation Equipment

Hy-Rail 9-14T

Fit the innovative Hy-Rail system to tracked excavators and increase stability and flexibility when working on railways.

Designed specifically for machines weighing 9 to 14 tonnes, this 4WD Hy-Rail attachment gives drivers full manoeuvrability when working on rail tracks. Its wheels are designed according to UIC and the Hy-Rail hydraulics work without extra swivel implements.


Technical Features

  • 4WD as standard
  • Brakes on all four wheels
  • UIC wheel profile (diameter 450 mm)


  • Patented EQ Axle concept ensures all wheels in contact with the rail at all times
  • Rail axles are maneuvered using the original hydraulic functions on the machine
  • The optional Tool carrier attachment makes it possible to carry a bucket or forks

Key Facts

Speed on track 20 km/hour (12.4 mph)
Weight 3000 kg
Track gauge 1435 mm
Wheels 450 mm UIC profile
Track Transportation Equipment

Hy-Rail 9-14T