Track Transportation Equipment

Hy-Rail 10-16T

The Rosenqvist Hy-Rail 10-16T rail road conversion is a heavy duty attachment which enables the heaviest excavators to work in railway environments.

Hy-Rail 10-16T product overview

Manufactured specifically for excavators weighing 10 to 16 tonnes, the Hy-Rail attachment offers stability and flexibility when working on track.

  • All movement is controlled from the driver’s cabin, and the hydraulics work without the need for additional swivel implements.
  • The machine has two modes of operation: lifted up with the rubber wheels in contact with the rail wheels, or lowered down onto the rail with the rubber wheels running on the rail with the rail wheels used as guide wheels

Benefits of the Hy-Rail 10-16T


Stable and flexible

Designed for stability and flexibility when working on rail


Four contact wheels

One pivoting axle / one fixed axle to enable all four wheels to be in contact with the rail at all times


Rail wheels coordinate with UIC

Rail wheels are designed in accordance with UIC


Brackets available

Tool carrier brackets available as an option. To enable to carry forks or bucket

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