Rail Welding Equipment

Rail Lorry PL01 and PL01.5

The Pandrol Rail Lorry is designed for transporting material and equipment between van and railway work site when welding.

Rail Lorry PL01 and PL01.5 product overview

quipped with a fail-safe braking system and supplied with a detachable brake and push handle, the Rail Lorry has a stand-alone, load-bearing rolling platform for use on track. Two models are available: the PL01 and the PL01.5.

  • he PL01 is a simple, lightweight trolley with a 1-ton load capacity and a safety-locking device.
  • The PL01.5 has a 1.5-ton load capacity and is optimised for welding operations on track.

Benefits of the Rail Lorry PL01 and PL01.5


Specifically designed

Pandrol’s Rail Lorry has been specifically designed for use on aluminothermic welding sites.



An automatic braking system that activates when the user stops pushing prevents the lorry going off course.


Enhanced safety

Safety is further enhanced by the Rail Lorry’s non-slip aluminium surface (to prevent slipping) and insulated rollers (to reduce the risk of electrical incidents).


Easy transportation

The modular design means the equipment can be set up and put away without tools, for ease of transportation.


Maximum usability

Two models are available for maximum usability. The PL01 Rail Lorry is lightweight and portable, ideal for loads of 1 ton and less. The PL01.5 model is much heavier and has a strong steel frame, making it ideal for loads up to 1.5 tons.

Technical features of Rail Lorry PL01 and PL01.5


Automatic braking system

The Rail Lorry is equipped with an automatic braking system, which immediately stops the lorry if the machine isn’t pushed by the operator.


Insulated rollers

Insulated rollers prevent any electrical incidents occurring and maximise operator safety when in use.


Non-slip aluminium surface

The lorry’s surface is made of non-slip aluminium to reduce the risk of slipping while working on it.


Frame materials

The frame of the PL01 is made wholly of aluminium, making it light and easy to transport and put on track.
The PL01.5 is made of strong steel, for added robustness


Simple to set up

The Rail Lorry’s modular design enables it to be set up and put away without tools, for ease of transportation to and from the track site.


PL01 and PL01.5 models

Different models are available, designed to be suitable for 1-ton and 1.5-ton load capacities.

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