Rail Welding Equipment

High Flow Preheater 36V

The HFP 36V is battery powered and fully automated for easier, more reliable operation: the ignition, timing and stop require no manual interference or flame adjustment.

High Flow Preheater Battery (36V) product overview

The HFP 36V uses only propane, no oxygen is required, reducing costs and reducing the total weight to carry on site.

  • The HFP 36V is significantly safer than using Oxy Propane traditional preheating equipment
  • Compact, light and robust, it has been designed to withstand the most extreme track conditions and handled by a single person.

Advantages of using High Flow Preheater Battery (36V)


Highly accurate

The HFP’s built-in timer increases accuracy, improving quality and reducing the defect rate of weld due to preheating.



Providing a uniform preheat between the head and bottom of the rail reduces stress in the weld.


Fully automated

As the system is fully automated it is easy to use. Less training is required and it is straightforward for new welders to learn to operate.


Transportable and easy-to-use

The use of propane rather than oxygen results in significant cost and weight savings.


Daily use

The preheater does not require any specific maintenance which makes it easy to manage during daily welding operations.


Functional and versatile

The HFP is a complete system that can be used to replace most existing preheating equipment.

Technical features of High Flow Preheater Battery (36V)


Tolerance to pressure adjustment

The preheat technology used by the HFP is less sensitive to pressure adjustment than oxy-propane. It provides a uniform preheat between the head and bottom of the rail.



The HFP is fully automated, with automatic ignition, built-in timer and automatic stop. No manual flame adjustment is required.


Pre-set timing

The built-in timer can be pre-set by the welder for accurate preheating time.


LiHD battery operated

2 long lasting batteries of 18V with 8.0 Ah, for a safer autonomy up to 8 – 10 preheats depending on the welding process.


Use of propane

The HFP system operates with propane rather than oxygen, saving money and weight.


Single torch height

There is a single torch height for all welds and no adjustment is needed.


Compact and light

With its compact size (L: 740mm, W: 300mm, H: 295mm) and light weight (19kg), the HFP can be easily handled by only one person.

2 batteries of 18 V, 8.0 Ah.

Connect propane inlet.

Screen to control time.

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