Aluminothermic Welding

Special Rail Welding

Pandrol provide world-leading aluminothermic welding solutions for customers worldwide.

Special Rail Welding product overview

Beyond offering welding processes for all standard rail profiles, we also collaborate with customers to engineer bespoke solutions for special rail types that are less commonly used, such as the special rail grades used on metro lines including rubber-tyred rail, guide bar rail, conductor rail, and rack rail. We can offer portions, moulds and crucibles designed to your exact specification.

  • Aluminothermic welding involves casting molten steel (produced through the reaction of iron oxide and aluminium) at a temperature exceeding 3,500 ˚F (1,950 °C) into refractory moulds designed to the rail specification.
  • Our product packages contain a One-Shot Crucible, a welding kit containing a thermite portion, and moulds adapted to the rail profile and grade.

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