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Startwel® Ignition System

The Startwel® Ignition System, developed and patented by Pandrol, allows the welder to easily ignite the weld charge to initiate the pour process of the Pandrol aluminothermic weld, replacing the traditional “sparkler” igniter design.


Startwel® Ignition System product overview

The Startwel® Ignition System is a new, easy way for welders to ignite the weld charge to initiate the pour process of the Pandrol aluminothermic weld. It has been developed and patented by Pandrol to replace the traditional ‘sparkler’ igniter design.

  • The ignition system is engineered to fit precisely into the round opening in the lid of the Pandrol crucible.
  • Once the crucible is prepped and ready to pour, Startwel® can be placed in the lid and deployed safely by removing the metal clip grounding the prongs.
  • On ignition, a drop of molten metal falls inside the crucible and causes combustion of the aluminothermic charge.

Benefits of the Startwel® Ignition System



The Startwel® Ignition System guarantees constant and reliable ignition.


Precise consistency

Because the ignition point is always in the same place, welds are consistently precise.



Startwel® improves aluminothermic welding safety for track technicians.


Compact design

It is lightweight and compact for technicians to carry on site and is easy and comfortable to use.


Safe for transportation

Its non-hazardous classification for transport means that it is safe for standard shipping.

Technical features of Startwel® Ignition System


Crucible compatibility

Startwel® works with both the Pandrol One-Shot crucible and disposable crucible.


Designed for ease of activation

The system is activated by touching the prongs on the starter handle with those on the starter, initiating a small electrical charge.


Consistent ignition point

Once activated, the Startwel® Ignition System thimble ignites and drops a small amount of liquid charge onto the top of the weld charge inside the crucible, safely and consistently initiating the pour process.


Long-lasting battery

The system uses a reliable lithium-ion battery. Over 100 starters can be ignited on one battery charge.


Ergonomic design

The Startwel® handle has been designed for efficiency and comfort. The system is packed in a compact and lightweight suitcase.


Non-hazardous classification

Startwel® cannot be activated until the pin is removed. As a result, it has a non-hazardous classification.

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