Aluminothermic Welding

Pandrol Connect Welding App

Pandrol Connect is a mobile app designed to support aluminothermic welders through the weld process, capture live data about the weld, save time and improve the traceability of welds for contractors and rail network operators.

Pandrol Connect Welding App product overview

Pandrol Connect consists of three modules: a mobile version for welders to record on-site data and for welding controllers to review data, an online monitoring app to review weld information from the office, and an online administration tool to apply settings to local standards.

  • All data is hosted in the cloud for easy sharing.

Benefits of the Pandrol Connect Welding App


Digitalise and enhance welding documentation

Increases welding traceability by making data transparent – easily identify defective welds and data anomalies


Reduced carbon footprint

Drastically cuts down paperwork whilst saving users time


News updates available

Includes a news function which updates users on the latest and best welding practices


A cost-orientated solution

This customisable app requires no capital outlay and reduces wasted time spent on paperwork

Technical features of the Pandrol Connect Welding App


Full traceability of welding

Designed to record data before, during and after welding. Generate detailed records of your operations including the welder’s ID, geographic location, environmental factors, and various weld parameters.


Document welding operations in detail

Assign pictures and voice recordings to specific welds, to provide a comprehensive overview of all work carried out on site.


Compatible with all welding kits

Pandrol Connect is compatible with all welding kit suppliers, meaning you can use the system across all of your teams.


QR Code integration

Consumables can be scanned using QR codes to record the specific items used on site.


Welding instructions included

Contains a detailed welding instruction manual, which is then available at the contractor’s fingertips.


Works on track

A reliable reporting tool which uses an ergonomic interface specifically designed for use on track. Access weld information on site even without internet access.


Designed for the full life-cycle of the weld

Data can be reloaded for review at any point and additional information can be added including profiling and inspection data.


Available now for Android and iOS

Currently available on both the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

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