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Compact Shear B-M-VIR

Pandrol’s Compact-Shear B-M-VIR outputs zero emissions whilst shearing, yet easily delivers the power needed for removing welds.

Designed to operate with the included battery-operated non-impacting drill, the simple chuck attachment allows easy installation of the shear so it is quickly operational on the track. The hydraulic system provides adequate shearing force for welds in various types of vignole rails.

Technical Features

  • The light-weight design, weighing only 45.3 kg, operates with the battery power pack of the removable drill.
  • Utilises the best battery technology available from drill technology. It can shear more than a dozen welds per single charge with no diminished performance or shear time.
  • Compatible with standard Pandrol full cast tipped shear blades ready for going to work. Replacement shear blades are readily available and easily changed (blades ordered separately).
  • The shear is held to the rail during the shear process with its bearing rollers that are fully adjustable for different sizes of rail in the industry.
  • The powerful battery operated Milwaukee drill that powers the Pandrol weld shear is delivered in a tool case, complete with two batteries and a charger.
  • The simple connection to the shear permits for clean efficient use of the battery drill to operate the weld shear.


  • The light-weight design of the weld shear, combined with the easy plug-and-play of the drill, permits for easy transport and safe lifting practices.
  • The powerful battery-driven drill allows for up to a dozen shear applications with no diminished performance before recharging.
  • The Milwaukee battery-driven drill can be utilized as a standalone piece of equipment beyond the weld shear operation.
  • Promotes a better work environment eliminating CO2 emission and giving lower noise-levels.

Key Facts

Description Compact-Shear B-M-VIR
Item number 11334017
Application For use on vignole rails, including switches and crossing - Inner Distance between cylinders = 328mm
Shear force 88 kN (8.8 tons)
Maximum hydraulic power 140 bar
Opening between blades 154 mm
Energy Battery
Power 5.0 Ah
Dimensions 800 x 520 x 400 mm
Weight without blades 40.4 kg
11335018 Vignole pair of blades type 32
11335019 Vignole pair of blades type 36
11335024 Vignole pair of blades type 40
11335022 Vignole pair of blades type 45
11335023 Vignole pair of blades type 48
  • Machinery directive 2006/42/CE
  • European norm NF EN 13977
Rail Welding Equipment

Compact Shear B-M-VIR