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Pandrol Straight Edges are long-lasting, easy-to-use tools designed to ensure accurate alignment before aluminothermic welding takes place – and to check the grinding tolerance when it’s complete.

Performing checks and adjustments is an important part of the welding and maintenance process, particularly on the ends of rails. Done right, it can help achieve perfect peak, horizontal and vertical alignment.

Straight Edge RAP1000 features flat and adjustable stops, and is designed for pre-welding adjustments. Use both sides of the tool to control level point, rail and web alignments with maximum accuracy.

Straight Edges RB500, RB700 and RB1000 are bevelled tools, and are designed to perform checks and adjustments on rail heads, webs and cant. Use them after welding to make sure the rail is completely flat.

Technical Features

  • Straight Edge RAP1000 has information laser-engraved on its strap to increase traceability
  • A magnetic stand ensures optimum stability, with stringers on either side of the tool to improve manipulation, flexibility and accuracy
  • The tool’s adjustable stops make it easy to set the level and align the rail head and web with precision
  • The RB500, RB700 and RB1000 models are made from high quality, strength-treated steel, which guarantees maximum durability in a range of working conditions
  • Information is marked on the strap, with laser-engraved graduation for traceability and length checks
  • The models’ anodised aluminium handle provides an ergonomic, durable grip, with a single fixation point to make sure the strip doesn’t become deformed


  • The Straight Edge RAP1000’s laser-engraved strap provides all the information welders need for maximum traceability
  • The tool is easy to use, long-lasting and ergonomic, with a magnetic stand to make the measuring process as stable and controlled as possible
  • Strategically placed stringers maximise the accuracy of measurements, while adjustable stops guarantee precise setting for flawless alignment
  • The Straight Edge RB500, RB700 and RB1000 models feature laserengraved graduation on their straps, giving welders all the information they need to maximise traceability and check the exact length of the grinding required
  • Made using top-quality, high-strength steel, these tools offer maximum levels of durability – perfect for repeated, hands-on use on the track
  • The RB500, RB700 and RB1000 are long-lasting and ergonomic, thanks to an anodised aluminium handle and single fixation point. Each model is built to make achieving consistently seamless results as easy as possible


  • RAP 1000
    RAP 1000

  • RB 1000
    RB 1000

Rail Welding Equipment

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