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Weld Shear Hand Pump EPM2

Pandrol’s Weld Shear Hand Pump (EPM2) is a manual shearing machine designed to shear off excess metal after aluminothermic welding.

Weld Shear Hand Pump EPM2 product overview

Excess metal remaining above the rail head during welding was traditionally removed manually with a hammer and chisel. The Weld Shear Hand Pump automates this process and reduces the risk of damaging the rail.

  • The shear is operated by a manual lever and fitted with a hydraulic pump. As a result, it is lighter and simpler to use than other shearing machines

Benefits of the Weld Shear Hand Pump EPM2


Saves time and money

The Weld Shear Hand Pump’s wide beams allow for shearing directly through the mould, preventing the need to remove it manually. This reduces the time taken for testing, saving time and money.


Increased accuracy

A guide and rollers under the rail head guarantee a constant shearing thickness, increasing the accuracy of welding.


No risk of damaging the rail

The ability to make precise height and lateral adjustments makes the grinding process faster as the majority of the excess metal is removed during the shear. With the Weld Shear Hand Pump, there is no risk of damaging the rail.


Saves time and effort on every weld

Because the hydraulic pump is integrated rather than plugged in, it saves time and effort on every weld.


Extremely versatile

The machine is extremely versatile, suitable for all moulding processes and types of flat-bottom rails. It can also be used during a head wash repair.

Technical features of the Weld Shear Hand Pump EPM2


Wide beams

The beams of the Weld Shear Hand Pump are wide, allowing for shearing directly through the moulds.


Integrated hydraulic pump

The machine includes an integrated hydraulic pump – there is no need to plug in a separate pump.


Two integrated blades

Two integrated blades, one on either side of the weld, cut off the excess metal. These are high-quality, full-cast tipped shear blades, powered by hydraulic rams with a built-in guidance system. Replacement shear blades are readily available and easy to fit.


Laterally and vertically adjustable

Adjustment screws enable the blades’ cutting edge to be adjusted precisely, both laterally and vertically.


Locking systems

Locking systems fixed under the rail head prevent the shearing machine from rising up and adjust the cutting operation to the thickness of the metal deadhead.



The Weld Shear Hand Pump is simple to set up and its hydraulically-assisted, manual operation makes it quick, clean, efficient and straightforward to use.

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