Rail Welding Equipment

Omega Grinder

Pandrol’s Omega Grinder is hydraulic powered, fully mounted, and fully equipped.

Pandrol Omega Grinder product overview

Pandrol’s Omega Grinder has been specifically designed to grind the top and sides of rail heads and the frog with precision and accuracy.

  • Created with modular sections, workers and operators can effortlessly and safely disassemble and transport the grinder
  • The Omega Grinder is versatile and quick when grinding, making it the ideal tool for maximising uptime on track
  • Track maintenance operations are reduced and less manpower is required

Benefits of the Pandrol Omega Grinder



The Omega Grinder is quick, accurate and easy to operate. Its powerful engine ensures outstanding performance with high efficiency.



The Omega Grinder is highly cost effective with multiple applications. It is able to grind the frog segment, switches and the profile of the rail.


Ergonomically designed

The Omega Grinder is easily operated, with an ergonomic modular design to support safe and easy grind with low vibration ensuring safe operation for the users.



The hydraulic power source can be used to operate the wide range of Pandrol hydraulic tools, providing great added value for track crews.

Technical features of the Pandrol Omega Grinder


Ergonomic and powerful

The Omega Grinder is composed of five modular segments for better ergonomics when installing and removing the machine from the track. Powered by a 14Hp hydraulic power source, the grinder delivers precision high-quality grinding performance.


Extremely precise operation

The grinder can be adjusted on a range of 10°/+90, which allows the machine to grind rail profiles with extreme precision.


Unique and safe design

The Omega Grinder grinds rail switches, frog sections, and the profile of the rail. Its unique design allows it to alternate between rails on either side of the track effortlessly and safely.


Optional grinding stones and versatility

The Omega Grinder can be equipped with two kinds of grinding stones, allowing the machine to switch between grinding tasks as required.


Power source compatibility

The power source is designed to operate with a range of Pandrol hydraulic tools, giving the operator and track workers a versatile range of options for track maintenance.

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