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Bi-Bloc Weld Shear EGH1/EGH2/EGH2 RAG

The Bi-Bloc Weld Shear EGH1/EGH2/EGH2 RAG are hydraulic rail shearing machines designed to shear off excess metal after aluminothermic welding of Vignole rails (EGH1/EGH2) or grooved rail (EGH2 RAG).


Bi-Bloc Weld Shear Product overview

During aluminothermic welding, excess metal remains above the rail head. This was traditionally removed manually with a hammer and chisel.

  • The Bi-Bloc Weld Shears automate this process and remove the risk of damaging the rail
  • The shear is operated by a separate hydraulic unit, either with an electrical motor or a gas power engine, which makes it lighter than other shearing machines as the hydraulic unit is not mounted on top

Advantages of using Bi-Bloc Weld Shear


Safer than traditional hammer

The hydraulic shearing machine is much safer to use than the traditional hammer and chisel method of reducing excess metal, which was hard work and exposed workers to projections of metal.


Reduced risk of damage

With the shearing machine, there is no risk of damaging the rail.



The adjustable blades and guiding rollers result in much greater precision than possible when removing the metal deadhead manually.


Time and money saving

The powerful hydraulic unit significantly reduces grinding time, saving money and decreasing downtime.



The upper positioning of the handles on the shearing machine ensures the operator remains a good distance from the hot area, increasing safety.


Easy to carry around

The positioning of the handles and the machine’s light weight, thanks to the separate hydraulic unit, make it easy to carry around.

Technical features of the Bi-Bloc Weld Shearer


Available in three versions

The Bi-Bloc Weld Shear EGH1 is a narrow unit, able to operate in turnouts thanks to its small size. The EGH2 model is wider, bringing more comfort when shearing through the mould for Vignol rail. The EGH2 RAG is the declination of the EGH2 for grooved rail.


High power

The shear is able to produce a force of 21.5 tons under a pressure of 250 bars.


Hydraulically-operated, adjustable blades

Two blades, one on either side of the weld, move and cut off the excess metal. Adjusting screws enable the blades’ cutting edge to be adjusted exactly, both laterally and vertically.


Hydraulic distributor

A hydraulic distributor with manual control lever keeps the blades moving. Loosening the action on the distributor control lever stops the translator movement.


Retractable locking systems

Locking systems fixed under the rail head prevent the shearing machine from rising up and adjust the cutting operation to the thickness of the metal deadhead.


Separate hydraulic unit

The shear is operated by a separate hydraulic unit with two power sources; either an electrical motor or a gas power engine.

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