Rail Welding Equipment

Gasbox® Digital Preheater

The Gasbox® Digital Preheater is a preheating system offering high-precision control of the welding torch which is suitable for use with all Pandrol aluminothermic welding molds.

Fitted with two digital gauges, the welder can accurately monitor the propane pressure and oxygen levels, facilitating optimum preheating, eliminating loss-of-load on the preheating line.


Technical Features

  • The digital gauges are powered by a replaceable lithium battery
  • Clips safely onto the rail head in line with the preheating
  • Two hoses connect from the gas box to the torch mixer which channel propane and oxygen
  • Both hoses are 1.5 metres in length with a 10 mm diameter


  • The digital gauges provide pressure readings and requirements, accurate to a thousandth of a bar
  • Digital gauges can switch off automatically after use to minimize battery consumption
  • Reduced hose length makes the Gasbox® Digital Preheater easy to setup
  • The burner head has an adjustable frame, meaning it can fit all Pandrol welding molds
Rail Welding Equipment

Gasbox® Digital Preheater