Track Transportation Equipment

Hy-Rail 5-9T

Increase stability and flexibility for tracked excavators used on rail tracks with the Hy-Rail attachment. This innovative 4WD rail conversion kit is patented and designed for excavators weighing between five and nine tonnes, giving the driver full control of operations and confidence that work can be undertaken safely.

The Hy-Rail wheels are based on the patented EQ axle concept, which ensure that all four wheels are in contact with the rail at all times. The rail wheels are designed in accordance with UIC and its hydraulics operate without extra swivel implements.

The machine is delivered with CE certification and can achieve on track speeds of up to 20 km per hour (12.4 mph).


Technical Features

  • 4WD as standard
  • Based on our patented EQ axle concept
  • Wheels are fitted with rail guards that clear any obstacles on the rail
  • 350 mm wheels with UIC wheel profile


  • A strong machine in a compact size
  • The EQ axle concept ensures that all wheels are in contact with the rail at all times, and thereby eliminates risk for derailment
  • Brakes on all four wheels

Key Facts

Weight front (blade side) 700 kg
Weight rear 900 kg
Width front (blade side) 2460 mm
Width rear 1660 mm
Track gauge standard 1435 mm
Max load 9000 kg
Rail wheels 350 mm UIC profile
Track Transportation Equipment

Hy-Rail 5-9T