Tie Layer SL400

Achieve fast and accurate sleeper handling with the SL400, an easily adjustable tool designed to fit most kinds of ties. The system can handle four ties simultaneously.

The SL400 has a telescopic frame that makes the unit compact and safe to operate and, thanks to a unique patented linkage system, the centre of gravity will not change during spreading. Spacing between ties can be set from 300 – 750 mm. The SL400 works in a hydraulic sequence and no electricity is required on the carrier machine.

Technical Features

  • Correct placement of ties is ensured by a precision gauging hydraulic system that spreads the ties to the desired distance
  • A tie spacing range of 300 - 750 mm
  • Prepared for rotation and rototilt
  • Can be provided with an optional safety lifting device


  • Eliminates the risk of interference with the adjacent track whilst moving ties
  • Increases safety on the work site
  • Efficiently lay four ties at a time

Key Facts

Weight 814 kg
Width 2578 mm
Length min - max 1000 - 2500 mm
Height 655 mm
Tie spacing min - max 300 - 750 mm

Tie Layer SL400