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Track Jacks

Good quality jacks must be able to stand the test of time and survive the demands of repeated heavy use. At Pandrol, we’re proud of the reliability and superior construction of our heavy-duty railway track lifting jack equipment.

Track Jacks product overview

Train jacks are heavy-duty ratchet devices used to lift train rails. This allows expert teams of railway engineers to carry out essential maintenance and repair work. Jacks are also a key piece of equipment during outages. They provide stability and incremental life, without compromising convenience and safety.

Maximise your lifting power. Our railway track jack devices are designed with our decades-old wisdom of rail technology. We constantly review and upgrade our equipment designs to ensure we deliver an optimised experience, inspired by customer feedback. Pandrol railway jacks are available in three varieties – hydraulic, mechanical, and obstructionless:

  • The Pandrol hydraulic railroad jack has a rotation capacity of 360 degrees and is made to support a load via the foot and head for the perfect balance. Its high power-to-size ratio makes it a compact but strong solution, and a lowering valve and load limiter ensure convenience and operational safety.
  • Mechanical track jacks are the most commonly used railway lifting devices for a reason. Experience their operational simplicity and strength for yourself. The reliable crank handle mechanism makes these jacks suitable for track maintenance, shipyards, mining, and construction work. The Pandrol mechanical jack option comes with a built-in locking system to ensure your team has safe and secure lifting power.
  • Take the effort out of railway levelling and tamping, with an obstructionless jack designed exactly for those purposes. Pandrol’s obstructionless track lifting jack comes with a detachable slewing toe for aligning and lifting track with ease. Keep your rail service running as smoothly as possible without accidents, with a built-in quick-release spring for rare emergencies that require a fast response.

Advantages of using Track Jacks



Pandrol’s railway lifting jacks are designed to be compact and portable for ease of use. Fewer parts and high-quality material construction mean you’ll rarely need to maintain, repair, or replace your railroad track jack equipment.



Pandrol train jacks are the product of years of innovation and industry experience, both on and off the track. Our rail jack devices are designed and forged for guaranteed durability and high performance over the years, thanks to the expertise of our designers and engineers.


Efficient and Reliable

Save time and resources while still ensuring essential repairs, replacements, and maintenance are completed promptly. Our lifting jacks for trains have stood the test of time and have been used in varied and challenging railway settings around the world.

Technical features of Track Jacks


Weight Distribution

Pandrol’s lifting jacks for trains have a strong supporting structure, which holds the weight of the rail on both the foot and head of the jack. This provides maximum stability so the operator can complete their task with confidence.


Safety Optimised

The Pandrol hydraulic jack device is equipped with a lowering valve and load limiter for precision. Our mechanical option has a mechanical locking system and the option of a specialised support shoe to reduce slippage risk. If you prefer an obstructionless jack, you can rely on a quick-release spring for disengagement in emergencies.


Ergonomic Design

Choose equipment that not only delivers perfect results but is satisfying to operate. Pandrol railway jacks are designed for optimal weight distribution, stable operation, and increased portability.

Tell us about your track project


Capacity (daN)
5,000 / 10,000 / 25,000
3,000 / 5,000 / 10,000
Height (mm)
380 / 420 / 505
735 / 735 / 800
Weight (kg)
25 / 35 / 109
20 / 27 / 47
Safety Feature
Lowering valve and load limiter
Mechanical locking system
Quick release spring

Track Jacks – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a railroad jack weigh?

Railroad jacks come in different weights for different rail settings and uses. Pandrol hydraulic jacks start from 25kg and go up to 109kg, while our mechanical jacks range from 20 to 47kg. The obstructionless jacks we offer are lighter, at 19kg.

What is a toe jack?

A toe jack is also known as a lifting jack or floor jack. It is commonly used for lowering machines for handling purposes. It is suitable for heavy duty industrial use, as well as in the rail industry. Toe jacks are usually hydraulic.

How many types of railway jacks are there?

There are three types of railway jack – mechanical, hydraulic, and obstructionless. Pandrol offer all three. Please make an enquiry and a member of our expert team will be in touch to advise which type of jack would best suit your needs.