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Pandrol is delighted to be chief sponsor of the International Heavy Haul Association STS Conference 2019. This milestone event will bring together industry experts from around the world to explore how Industry 4.0 solutions have the potential to transform heavy haul operations in the future.

Pandrol’s products and technical expertise have shaped all of the major heavy haul railways in the world over the past 40 years. Having always been at the forefront of technological development, we’re keen to continue leading the way as the industry seeks new possibilities and innovations inspired by the Industry 4.0 concept.

The IHHA conference offers a unique opportunity to share ideas and solutions. Presentations will have a particular focus on research and innovation, looking at best practices in operations, maintenance, construction, new material, new design and the redesign of existing systems.

Technical papers will cover vehicle track systems, track, bridges and tunnels, operations, rolling stock, motive power, traction and energy efficiency, extreme conditions and human factors.

Pandrol colleagues will be speaking on a range of topics, including the Menghua Railway project in China, predictive maintenance in heavy haul, heavy haul fastening standards and welding.

The conference will take place from Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th June in Narvik, Norway.

A pre-conference technical workshop from 10th to 11th June will focus on infrastructure and rolling stock. Post-conference technical tours on 15th June will include site visits to LKAB’s shipping facility in Narvik and Bane NOR’s heavy haul line between Narvik and the Swedish border.

You can find more information about the event and details of how to register at

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