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Reversing Rail Saw (03900A)

The Reversing Rail Saw is a hydraulic-powered abrasive rail saw that cuts rail from either side without the need for disconnection or realignment.

Reversing Rail Saw (03900A) product overview

Pandrol’s Reversing Rail Saw (03900A) is a hydraulic-powered abrasive rail saw that can cut rail safely from either side. The saw simply needs to be pivoted to the other side of the rail – there is no need for disconnection or realignment.

  • Maintenance free, ergonomically designed and safe to use, the Reversing Rail Saw is a cost-effective choice for efficient rail cutting.
  • Sparks are safely directed downward, no matter which side of the rail the operator is cutting from.
  • The tool’s ability to pivot over the rail to cut from either side allows for the full diameter of the saw blade to be used.

Advantages of using the Reversing Rail Saw


Highly efficient

The simple pivot design of the Reversing Rail Saw’s clamp assembly ensures exact alignment of the rail cut, increasing efficiency and saving time.


Safe design

The saw’s high torque design and rpm speed make it a particularly safe choice.


Comfortable cutting

The adjustable height of the clamp arm contributes to users’ comfort and safety while they perform the cutting process.


Redirected sparks

The controlled downward spark path further contributes to operators’ safety while cutting.


Reduced vibrations

Separating the power source from the hydraulic tool reduces vibration and noise.


No exhaust

There is no exhaust or mixing of fuels, as associated with other hydraulic tools.

Technical features of the Reversing Rail Saw


Easy cutting alignment

The saw clamp is designed to allow the operator to pivot and cut from either side of the rail without realignment, using the full saw blade diameter.


Compatibile with 14” and 16” blades

The Reversing Rail Saw can be used safely with either 14” or 16” industry standard diameter saw blades, due to its high torque design and safe rpm speed.


Safe spark control

The saw’s bi-rotational design means that sparks are directed downward while the rail is being cut, no matter which side of the rail the operator is cutting from.


Maintenance free

The saw’s hydraulic motor and drive bearing are sealed, which virtually eliminates engine maintenance and lubrication requirements.


Vibration isolation

The hydraulic motor is isolated from the saw’s handles, so the vibration associated with holding the saw motor is not transmitted to the operator’s hands.


Crane rail clamp option

Pandrol offers an optional crane rail clamp that enables the Reversing Rail Saw to be clamped over large rail profiles as well steel beams.

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Reversing Rail Saw
Item number
Reversing Rail Saw:
Reversing Rail Saw:
10 gpm (38 lpm)
Reversing Rail Saw:
2000 psi (140 bar)
Reversing Rail Saw:
Reversing Rail Saw:
36" (91.5 cm) x 10" (25.4 cm) x 17" (43.2 cm)
Reversing Rail Saw:
Saw: 38 lb (17 kg)


Accessory code
Crane Rail Clamp
Accessory code:
14" Saw Blades
Accessory code:
16" Saw Blades
Accessory code: